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We know the struggle of seeking help. It can seem so difficult: as you search for drug and alcohol drug rehab, Stone Mountain has very few treatment centers.

But we commend you for taking this step in the right direction; researching drug rehab Stone Mountain programs is a sign that you admit you have a problem with alcohol addiction or using drugs and are considering getting help.

Fortunately, you can expand that search beyond Stone Mountain to find more treatment centers – including Ingrained Recovery in Eastman. We are a Georgia substance abuse treatment center specializing in addiction and dual diagnosis treatment; even better, we are less than a three-hour drive from Atlanta, Stone Mountain, and other cities in central GA.

We also help people who use drinking or drugs to soothe mental health disorders or trauma – to face (and fix) – their issues. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to attend treatment programs to start over and enjoy a healthy life.

Keep reading to learn how Ingrained can help Stone Mountain, GA residents achieve long-lasting recovery, and find out more about why to choose our upscale facility today!

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Drug Rehab Stone Mountain

A Lack of Treatment Centers in Stone Mountain, GA, and DeKalb County

Others who have come to Ingrained Recovery from Stone Mountain, GA, have explained how they chose us for help with their addictions due to finding few drug and alcohol treatment centers in Stone Mountain.

Although Stone Mountain has a few outpatient treatment centers that specialize in methadone treatment, the city lacks addiction centers that have comprehensive programs that include the psychological care needed to meet individual needs for addictions other than opioids.

Every client who arrives at Ingrained Recovery receives individual therapy and a customized treatment plan to heal the substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders or trauma that may be the cause of the addiction. It’s hard to find treatment centers near Stone Mountain, GA, with this expertise.

The Best Drug Rehab Centers Treat Addiction PLUS Mental Health Disorders

Sometimes, addiction happens independently, without a secondary diagnosis; we can certainly help those who need to undergo therapies in these instances. But many times, a deeper concern hides beyond the surface.

A co-occurring disorder, aka dual diagnosis, happens when patients need healing for both addiction and a mental health diagnosis. We know that substance use disorder frequently comes from either stress or a mental illness. Some clients are aware of this diagnosis being the reason for their addiction, while others are surprised to learn they have a diagnosis.

A frequent mental health diagnosis that co-occurs with drug or alcohol addiction is major depression. Some people start drinking or using drugs because it quiets the most severe symptoms and makes them feel better. We know that the path to success is to heal not one – but both – diagnoses to restore patients to better mental and physical health.

Services that may be useful in this instance is working with a therapist on the addiction while taking medication for the depression symptoms, a proven, holistic approach to whole-person addiction recovery.

Ingrained Recovery: Expert Addiction Treatment Near Stone Mountain, Georgia

Many adults who know they should get clean and sober have mixed feelings about the process, especially as they weigh various treatments and get started with support. Our medical professionals do everything our power to make each client who walks through our doors feel like family.

At Ingrained, every client is unique and receives a custom-fit drug addiction treatment program. However, this section will discuss the general steps to taking back your life from addiction.

If you feel ready to contact us at any point as you read, we encourage you to do so. A quick discussion is the first step to admissions, and we can often accommodate same-day requests for support.

Inpatient Program

Deciding on an Inpatient Program or Outpatient Treatment

When you are ready to get help, you must know the difference between inpatient rehab and outpatient services. With each option, you receive individual therapy and group therapy to develop new coping skills to deal with your drug or alcohol abuse triggers.

Inpatient is best for the most severe addictions, and patients stay at the drug or alcohol rehab center overnight to avoid relapse. Outpatients attend similar intensive therapies during the day with the opportunity to sleep at home.

Most clients who come to Ingrained Recovery from Stone Mountain, GA, seek inpatient treatment due to the commute from the Stone Mountain – Atlanta metro area. Regardless of where you’re located, it’s important to mention the difference.

Medical Detox to Safely Eliminate the Chemicals

Whether you abuse prescription drugs, illicit chemicals, or alcohol, medical detoxification is the first, and sometimes scariest, step of effective rehab programs. You might feel tempted to detoxify at home, but that’s an unsafe option. Your brain has become dependent on the chemicals and will go into a state of anxiety, triggering withdrawal symptoms.

The problem is, there’s no way to predict whether you’ll have relatively minor, severe, or even life-threatening symptoms. Medical detox puts you under the care of skilled professionals who can keep you safe and provide medication if the symptoms warrant it.

Intensive Therapy and Counseling Transforms Lives

You will work with licensed counselors and therapists, which is life-changing for many. With their guidance, you will focus on why you developed a drug or alcohol addiction. Even better, you will develop new skills that help you control your cravings and modify your behaviors to avoid future use.

Why’s that important? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that the highest rates of lasting recovery happen when people receive assistance from trained mental health professionals.

Equine Therapy Sets Us Apart From Other GA Drug Addiction Centers

Equine Therapy Program

The equine therapy program at Ingrained Recovery distinguished us from most other addiction centers in Georgia. The horses are intuitive, calm, and patient creatures and take their cues from you.

Measuring your progress as you build new coping and communication skills with your equine partner is incredible.

Aftercare Planning to Avoid Future Substance Use

Before you go back home to Stone Mountain, drug counselors at Ingrained Recovery will offer you a final tool to help you stay away from substance abuse in the future – and aftercare plan. Some people refer to this as a relapse prevention plan. This features tools that can help you stay clean and sober.

For instance, you might commit to a list of people/places you’ll avoid around the Stone Mountain area. Or you could program phone numbers of safe people who support you on challenging days into your phone.

We will also suggest you get started with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings each week. These support groups are free and give adults the opportunity to connect with others who understand the challenges you face as you continue healing. Below are links to some meeting opportunities:

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office in Atlanta, GA, covers the Stone Mountain region. They have dozens of weekly meetings in the East Atlanta, Georgia area. AA also provides online meetings, which are convenient for people in rural communities.

Specific to Stone Mountain there are meetings available as well, including:

  • How Did I Get Here Group (7 PM Sunday, Open Discussion)
    Mtn Park United Methodist
    1405 Rockbridge Rd
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087
  • Memorial Drive Beginners Group (8 PM Monday, Closed, Beginner, Discussion)
    Rock of Ages Lutheran Church
    5135 Memorial Dr
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Narcotics Anonymous:

Stone Mountain, Georgia, does not have a local NA group. However, the North Atlanta, GA Area of Narcotics Anonymous does have opportunities near Stone Mountain. Click this link to learn more about their programs and meeting times.

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Substance Abuse Free, Fun Activities and Services in Stone Mountain, GA

Some our clients leave our treatment program ready to spread their wings and enjoy their freedom from addiction when they return home to Stone Mountain. However, others express fear about leaving the controlled environments of our upscale treatment setting.

At Ingrained, we will make sure you now have an entire toolkit to help you stay substance-free.

One key thing is to find new ways to spend your time away from drug and alcohol abuse. This time is critical- here are some suggestions of ways to continue your program without triggering your substance abuse:

Following Our Drug Rehab Stone Mountain Programs:  Enjoying the Park Sober

Spend Time in Nature at Stone Mountain Park following drug rehab stone mountain programs at Ingrained Recovery

Spending time in nature can help ease your anxiety and get you past the challenges of the early days in recovery after leaving Ingrained. Located not far outside Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park features 3,200 beautiful acres and offers hiking trails, kayaking, stand-up paddleboard rentals, and golf. Locals call this part “Atlanta’s favorite outdoor gym.”

It is located at 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA.

Attend Local Festivals to Explore the Culture

Stone Mountain, GA, hosts several fun festivals from spring through fall. The most famous of these is the annual Yellow Daisy Festival, which brings the region’s music, art, and food into focus.

The festival honors the local native yellow daisies that dot Stone Mountain every year from late summer through early fall. The festival is held at Stone Moutain Park, 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA.

Stone Mountain, GA Arts Community

ART Station: The Center of the Stone Mountain, GA Arts Community

ART Station is a non-profit situated near the center of Stone Mountain Village. The program takes a multidisciplinary approach to the arts and supports theatre, music, visual arts, dance, and literary works.

It also has frequent special events to showcase local artists. ART Station is an LGBTQ-friendly arts center. Their address is 5384 Manor Drive, Stone Mountain, GA.

Recovery Is a Second Chance at a Career After Addiction

People often mention how they abandoned their educational and career life during their challenges with substance abuse. But recovery is a fresh chance at life! So why not spend time completing your GED, taking continuing education classes, or even taking a whole new career path?

Georgia Piedmont Technical College isn’t directly in Stone Mountain; however, they are just ten minutes away in Clarkston, Georgia. Even if you are unsure how to piece your career back together, it can’t hurt to talk with their knowledgeable advisors – they can help you decide the next move in your educational journey.

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