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Have you found this page researching rehabs that take Ambetter Insurance? You might be ready to admit that you need help with addiction treatment and related mental health issues. Still, you are unsure what treatment options are available to integrate with your Ambetter Health Insurance.

Ingrained Recovery is a luxury drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in Eastman, Georgia. We specialize in providing the best behavioral health services to each client. Drug and alcohol addiction is not a lifestyle choice you’ve made. Rather, it is a mental health disorder. This distinction is important because when we acknowledge the disease, we begin to treat the heart of the issue – just as any doctor treats any other health issue.

Keep reading. You will learn how to use your Ambetter Insurance plan for evidence-based therapies at our luxury rehab ranch.

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Ambetter covered Mental Health

Does Ambetter Cover Rehab and Mental Health?

You might ponder: Does Ambetter Insurance cover drug rehab? Every insurance company available to millions of Americans on the Health Insurance Marketplace must consider substance abuse and all mental health issues as “essential health benefits.”

Before the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) passed in 2010, each health insurance provider treated substance mental health and abuse treatment differently. Some covered rehab centers, while others excluded them.

Today, health insurance companies must offer the same benefits for mental health care, including substance use disorder (SUD), as they provide for physical ailments. In other words, if they provide in-network benefits with a particular healthcare system for physical complaints, they must also offer in-network coverage with that provider for those with mental health concerns.

Rehabs that Take Ambetter Insurance and Offer Behavioral Health Solutions

Insurance coverage for rehab can be the key to solving at least one piece of the substance use disorder epidemic sweeping across the United States. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration data shows that the number of people aged 12 and up who have abused alcohol or drugs and got help in the past year was 1,090,357, with a total number of treatment centers (16,066) available to help.

It’s impossible to tell exactly how many of those who go there for their substance use disorder would have received help, whether outpatient treatment or inpatient programs, without their health insurance policy to pay for it. But that number is likely significant.

Ingrained Recovery Will Coordinate Your Ambetter Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Ingrained Recovery will gladly accept Ambetter Insurance coverage. But we can even do better than that – we can help you coordinate your Ambetter Insurance on your behalf. You make one quick call to our kind, compassionate admissions specialists. They will take over, calling about your Ambetter rehab coverage and obtaining your pre-determination of benefits.

We work out all those confusing details, including your possible out-of-pocket costs and the fine details of whether the coverage is in-network or out-of-network. You will have nothing to worry about – we’ll call you back with the information as soon as we obtain it from Ambetter Insurance.

Calling Our Admissions Team for Insurance Coverage Details

You can call our admissions team as soon as you feel ready to come to our substance abuse treatment center. We know that dealing with insurance coverage can aggravate and even trigger use. To lower that risk, we will lift that worry off your shoulders. When you call us, we ask you to have the following information ready:

  • Your legal name, address, and date of birth, which Ambetter uses to identify your identity
  • The group plan and membership ID number from your Ambetter Health Insurance plan card
  • A working phone number where we can call you back after we receive the authorization
  • Any secondary health insurance plan you might have, such as a spouse’s co-insurance coverage

We will also ask you about any past experiences with rehab centers or mental health treatment centers. This information helps us determine the right level of care and leverage your lived experiences to get the maximum coverage that Ambetter will allow.

Insurance Coverage Details Inquiry

Overcome Obstacles to Getting Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Support

For instance, a health insurance provider may want to authorize outpatient treatment center care for someone to minimize plan administration costs, telling the client that residential treatment is only partially covered.

However, if the client has tried an in-network intensive outpatient program twice without success, an insurance company often fully covers inpatient treatment programs. Leaving these conversations to our experienced treatment center team can make a difference in what they will cover.

Worried about confidentiality? We comply with all HIPAA rules and laws. So you can be confident that your conversation with our team is confidential and free.

Emergency Services Are Available with Ambetter Health Insurance Coverage

Ambetter Insurance provides comprehensive healthcare coverage, including emergency mental health services. If you are a loved one of someone in crisis because of their drug and alcohol abuse, you may wonder about getting them to attend treatment immediately.

Call 988 from your cell phone or 911 from a landline if they are threatening self-harm.

They may get upset with you now for doing so, but you are doing the right thing. If the crisis is urgent but not a suicide threat, Ambetter Insurance offers coverage for emergency mental health treatment.

Connect with our admissions team as soon as it’s safe. The addiction treatment center team will call Ambetter and communicate about the urgent situation with our treatment provider while you keep your loved one safe. We can help your loved one enter treatment on the same day.

Does Ambetter Also Cover a Dual Diagnosis or Mental Illness?

Ambetter Covered Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Yes! Under the ACA, all mental illnesses, including substance abuse, are essential health benefits. A 2018 report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse raised the alarm about how 7.7 million adults in the United States have co-occurring disorders along with a substance use disorder.

Despite that large number, only 9.1% of Americans received care for both their mental health and their substance abuse needs. The largest barrier to care reported in the NIDA survey was affordability. Your Ambetter Health Insurance plan takes away the worries about whether you can afford the cost of drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers.

One insightful experience involves Lucinda, who had a long-time addiction to Adderall, which she started using in college. She had extreme difficulties balancing school work and the pressure to perform that her parents applied to her. Lucinda’s parents were extremely disciplined and successful business executives who had built a business empire from nothing.

Overcoming a Legacy of Trauma

They often withheld praise and affection if Lucinda fell short of their demanding expectations. The thought of a B grade on a test caused great distress to their daughter, even to the point of getting stomachaches. So she started using Addy; it allowed the college student to get top grades and stopped her racing mind.

She continued abusing Addys for over a year. When the meth and even fentanyl-laced Adderall started hitting the streets, Lucinda decided to come clean with her parents and get help at Ingrained. She learned she had a dual diagnosis: generalized anxiety disorder and a substance use disorder.

In her therapy sessions, she mastered mindfulness techniques that helped stop the panic and improve her focus to continue success at her job. Once she had these tools, quitting Adderal was easy. Today, Lucinda is thriving and happy at her job, counting the small wins and enjoying her life.

Get Effective Detox and Rehab Options at Ingrained Recovery

Rehabs that Take Ambetter Insurance

Your Ambetter Insurance Coverage And Substance Abuse Treatment

What do insurance plans cover under the ACA mandates? We are pleased to tell you that you can access many services.

Inpatient Treatment or Outpatient Programs for Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Ambetter Insurance may cover residential treatment or outpatient programs, depending on your needs. They generally reserve residential treatment center services for people who need the most comprehensive care. On the other hand, outpatient rehab, such as a partial hospitalization program, can be a good option for those living near our treatment center or with less complex care needs.

You can request a specific rehab center for your program, just as you can choose any other healthcare professional.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms With Medical Detox

Detox services under medical supervision are a must when you start drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. Substance abuse has changed your brain, making it reliant on chemicals to communicate with your body. So when you start to detox, your brain sends alarm signals as you reset your body chemistry back to its natural state. Those signals cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be anywhere from mild to severe; there’s no accurate way to predict their severity.

Detoxing is like doing a factory reset on your phone. You clear out all the data that bogs it down, restoring it to its original state. When you reboot it, you often find that the process eliminated any bugs in the system. But it’s not without challenges – after restarting it, you must reprogram all your settings and contacts. It takes time. But most will tell you that having a phone that works well again is worth your time.

Medical detoxification means that you will undergo this first phase of addiction treatment in the care of professionals who monitor your physical and mental wellness. They can provide prescription drugs to ease those symptoms if they become too uncomfortable.

Therapy Sessions to Address the Causes of Substance Abuse

Does Ambetter Insurance cover counseling and therapy services? Yes!

Individual and group therapy sessions are each important to addressing the trauma or mental illnesses that caused the alcohol or drug addiction. Clients at Ingrained Recovery work with counselors in solo or group sessions to understand what brought them to the drug and alcohol addiction rehab center. All clients’ lived experiences are unique, as are the therapies.

Once clients understand what brought them to substance abuse treatment, they will learn how to re-shape their behaviors. They discover how to replace drug and alcohol addiction with healthier coping skills. Our therapists use evidence-based therapies to accomplish this outcome. These therapies may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Dialectal behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Equine therapy

Finally, many clients benefit from family therapy services at Ingrained Recovery. In family therapy, families gain the tools needed to rebuild the family unit after drug or alcohol abuse. Because addiction often runs in families, these sessions may also serve as preventive services to help prevent substance abuse in other family members, especially children and young adults.

Holistic Addiction Treatment for Lasting Sobriety

Equine therapy - Holistic Addiction Treatment

Whether you receive inpatient care or outpatient rehab, insurance plans recognize the need for a well-rounded treatment that addresses whole-person wellness and healing. While at our luxurious addiction treatment center, you will immerse yourself in the most beautiful surroundings. Our fifty-acre facility features equine therapy, where you interact with horses to grow your self-confidence and reclaim your self-esteem. You’ll enjoy our beautiful park-like outdoor spaces for exercising or meditating in your free time. We intentionally designed every last detail of our facility with holistic health in mind.

Another relatable story is that of Trey, who needed help with a severe drinking problem. Trey’s relationship with alcohol had started very young, having grown up in a home with an alcoholic single parent and easy access to liquor. Trey watched his mother struggle, working three part-time jobs and unwinding at night by drinking until she fell asleep. It was all he had ever seen or known, so naturally, that was how Trey started coping when his life became complicated.

Learning New Coping Skills in a Safe Environment

He graduated high school and entered the military, where he learned the skills to be a successful diesel mechanic. Even after re-entering the private sector after service and landing a job at a top company, Trey’s drinking continued. He realized he needed help after his carelessness at work caught the notice of his supervisor, who warned him that he needed to get his act together…quickly.

Trey discovered that his Ambetter Insurance coverage allowed him to get help for his drinking at Ingrained Recovery. He learned that his alcohol use disorder was an illness, one that often runs in families like his. His clinical team provided him with intensive therapy to help break the cycle of addiction. He worked with horses for the first time and discovered he was a natural. Equine therapy made him feel confident and worthy of love again for the first time in a long time.

Now, Trey has graduated from his program and returned to his job, more capable than ever. He’s been promoted at work and earns more money training new hires. He’s also volunteering as a youth mentor, helping to teach teenagers the life skills they need to avoid the drugs and alcohol so prevalent today.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Ambetter Insurance

Connect With Ingrained Today for Effective Rehab Support

Admitting that you must receive addiction treatment is no small feat – congratulations on making that progress. Ingrained Recovery does accept Ambetter and has helped numerous clients get the effective, long-lasting addiction treatment that made them feel better again.

Please take advantage of the free, confidential call with our admissions team today. They will discover all the details, whether you have Ambetter Insurance or another insurance provider. You’ll know if your insurance policy coverage is in-network and any expected out-of-pocket costs before you arrive for your drug abuse or alcohol treatment.

Let’s talk today; you can be on the road to better health and sobriety by tomorrow.