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You realize that you or a loved one need help healing a drug and alcohol addiction. You searched “luxury rehab Georgia” online to find the best addiction treatment centers in Georgia. Looking up information to find evidence-based treatment centers is a sign that you’re ready to make an enormous change for the better.

Ingrained Recovery is one of the most luxurious addiction treatment facilities in the Peach State. We understand that addiction is like a merry-go-round that won’t let you off. It spins continuously, the tinkling music and motion promising excitement. While in reality, it traps you in a never-ending spiral.

But our treatment program can help you exit that ride. Read on to learn why we are among the best choices for an upscale treatment center in Georgia.

What Differentiates Us from Other Georgia Drug Rehab Centers?

We are a step above the typical addiction treatment program in Georgia. Our very special location allows us to take different treatment approaches, including equine therapy. We have a sprawling fifty-acre facility with green pastures and meadows. The outdoor space includes spaces where you can sit outside to read, reflect, or write in your journal. You will have plenty of room to roam and soak up some sunshine after you feel well.

While our outdoor spaces are a step above other luxury rehabs, you will also find the indoor appointments second to none. The private rooms are well-decorated to soothe and support you while you heal. Community spaces are calm and nicely appointed. You will feel safe and comfortable during your time at our rehab facility.

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Ingrained Recovery Luxury Rehab Facility

The Opioid Epidemic Exposed a Need for Comprehensive Treatment

The Georgia Department of Public Health has raised the alarm about the ever-rising number of drug overdoses in the Peach State, which also follow the national trends. In the ten-year span from 2010 to 2020, the number of opioid deaths increased in Georgia by 207%. They also report that fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, drives the opioid addiction problem. This dangerous drug is leading to increases in deadly overdoses.

State officials have responded by rolling out new programs to help overcome drug or alcohol addiction, including a program for monitoring prescription drugs, a substance abuse response team, and a drug surveillance unit. The statewide response makes it clear that more must be done to get people the alcohol and drug addiction treatment and recovery center programs they need to recover.

Blake Found Treatment Success at Ingrained

Blake found out about Ingrained Recovery as he is dealing with a substance abuse problem from using both meth and alcohol. He had tried other rehab centers in Georgia – twice, to be exact. Both were outpatient experiences. The first time, he relapsed within a week of his treatment ending. The second time, he stayed clean and sober for almost a year.

He had finished his GED, started a great new job, and then got triggered one day and started drinking again. Drinking led to meth use, and he started a new downward spiral. A concerned friend told Blake they had heard about a new treatment program opening at Ingrained Recovery.

Blake called Ingrained and was glad to hear they accepted his insurance. He eagerly awaits the opening of the luxury rehab setting and the promise of healing it offers!

Overcoming Self-Medication With Support

During his time at Ingrained, we believe that Blake will learn that his addiction resulted from depression, which the other providers had overlooked. Without truly realizing it, he has started abusing meth and alcohol to self-medicate. Working with the horses on our rehab ranch will help Blake work through his depression, and his treatment team found the right medications to stabilize him.

Our treatment team firmly believe that Blake will return to his job and with a firm foundation clean and sober. As part of his aftercare planning, his counselor will urge him to attend a local AA and NA, or SMART Recovery meetings, when he returns to his hometown.

Our Luxury Rehab Center in Georgia Is a Quick Drive From Atlanta

Clients are invited to join us at Ingrained Recovery from all around the Peach State. Our location has a wonderful central location. It will take you less than three hours to drive to our drug and alcohol rehab center from Atlanta, Macon, Stone Mountain, Columbus, Augusta, Savannah, and Athens.

If a central location and an effective, upscale treatment setting are on your wish list, you’ll rank us with the best rehabs in Georgia!

We Will Call Your Health Insurance Provider to Cover Treatment

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, insurance companies started to cover substance abuse treatment. Insurance coverage once excluded treating substance abuse and mental illnesses, but that was no longer permissible after the ACA. Every health insurance company wanting to be a part of the Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace had to comply, making addiction treatment programs accessible to everyone for the first time.

Despite that, understanding your insurance plan benefits can be confusing – even triggering for someone struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Our treatment center has an admissions specialist who will reach out to your group or private insurance when you are ready to get help.

We have worked with some top insurance companies: Aetna, UHC, BCBS, TRICARE, and more. Call us with your contact information and group or private health insurance card data. We will contact your insurance provider to pre-qualify your addiction treatment programs. Covered programs may include the following:

  • Pain management to help relieve withdrawal symptoms
  • Medication management
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Outpatient or inpatient treatment programs
  • Aftercare planning for long-term recovery.

You will have peace of mind from knowing that your care at the addiction treatment center will be covered.

Inpatient Treatment Programs Covered by Insurance

Find Effective Luxury Addiction Treatment in Georgia

Signs you are Ready for Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Are You Ready?

We have worked with many people who want to seek treatment but second-guess their level of readiness. Deep down, you know you need the evidence-based treatments offered by professional drug rehabs. But you may still question yourself, even when you shouldn’t. Here are the ten signs you are ready:

  1. You acknowledge that you have a problem with drugs or drinking alcohol.
  2. You’re willing to make a change. You also recognize that you can’t complete the recovery journey alone.
  3. You seek information about different treatment approaches and try to discover what the addiction center might be like.
  4. You’re no longer satisfied with the drug culture and long for long-term sobriety.
  5. You start recognizing that your everyday life will be richer if you complete a treatment plan and break away from the negative places and people who trigger your use.
  6. Your friends or family had an early intervention, which you ignored. But you’ve reconsidered and now ask them to help you get help to treat alcohol or drug addiction.
  7. You are ready to accept support from a professional who can help facilitate the healing process.
  8. You’ve experienced losses because of substance use. Perhaps you’ve even had a negative consequence, such as a legal issue or relationship breakdown because of substance abuse.
  9. You’re tired of the endless cycle of addiction. You might also recognize the harmful impact it has had on your body.
  10. You see how you have hurt someone you love, a direct impact of your drug or alcohol abuse.

If you see one or more of these signs, it is time to start exploring treatment options. Below, you can print out this information as a checklist and conduct a self-assessment:

Innovative Inpatient Treatment Includes Experiential Therapies

Every client’s outpatient or inpatient treatment program includes care tailored to individual needs. Some drug rehabs rely on a cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment – but not us. Instead, we offer evidence-based, holistic therapy that covers the full continuum of care.

Our commitment to your complete wellness includes a range of treatments designed for each individual. The residential treatment center offers an equine program, yoga and mindfulness training, and access to vocational training programs.

Therapy and Counseling Methods for Lifelong Recovery and Better Mental Health

Ingrained Recovery - Luxury Rehab Georgia

Skilled, exceptionally well-qualified counselors lead therapies at Ingrained Recovery. Our entire inpatient program care team knows that treatment needs vary from one client to another. Below is a partial list of typical treatments you might experience at our rehab in Georgia.

  • Individual therapy: This treatment addresses any mental health treatment needs or trauma therapy for clients. In our experience, most clients didn’t decide to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Instead, it came from an unhealed mental illness or traumatic event. With the help of the treatment team, you will address these issues and learn coping skills.
  • Group therapy: Groups of peers can be some of the best support systems in drug rehab centers. In a group setting, you work with others who understand your struggles. Together, you work through the struggles of ending your alcohol and drug addictions within the safety of our inpatient drug rehab center.
  • Family therapy: You cannot remain in rehab facilities forever; in fact, family is usually one’s biggest support system after leaving residential treatment. The family treatment program means you can start to heal any lingering mistrust caused by drug abuse. On the other hand, families learn how to stop enabling and gain empathy and insight about what it’s like living with an addiction.

These treatment options are just a few you might find in outpatient or inpatient alcohol or drug rehab centers in Georgia.

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Ingrained Recovery offers luxury rehab in Georgia, just a couple of hours’ drive from Atlanta and other metro areas around the state. What sets us apart from other rehab centers in Georgia is the holistic experience.

We address all your needs, including physical and mental health, along with alcohol and drug rehab. A final key consideration is the timing – if you are ready to look at treatment centers now, you may find that Atlanta-based treatment options may not have immediate availability.

We can often accommodate same-day and next-day admissions, getting you the treatment you need when you need it. Connect with us today; you deserve the opportunity to experience our luxury rehab center.