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Entering into addiction treatment is a major first step to getting the help you need for a substance use issue. You want to enroll somewhere you can see yourself spending a lot of time, especially as you transition to an outpatient program.

If you are searching for drug rehab Macon services, Ingrained Recovery has a lot to offer and is just a short drive away.

Ingrained Recovery is located less than an hour away from Macon, GA. We make it easy for you to explore the surrounding area when you are discharged from residential treatment.

At our facility, we treat both mental health and substance use disorders. Keep reading to learn more, and remember, you can contact Ingrained Recovery at any time to learn more about our services offered and confidentially verify your health insurance benefits as well!

Find the Right Addiction Treatment - Convenient to Macon

Medical Detox to Jumpstart Recovery

Robust Drug Rehab Centers Offer Different Levels of Care

Addiction treatment should never follow a cookie-cutter approach. We firmly believe every person who struggles with substance abuse is unique and should have a customized treatment plan.

Ingrained Recovery is proud to support you at every level from medical detox to residential, and offers options for IOP and PHP. We make it our mission to provide treatment programs convenient for Georgia clients, as well as effective enough to attract clients from across the United States.

Medical Detox to Jumpstart Recovery

The first step to treating substance use disorder is to clear alcohol and drugs from the body. The early days of your recovery can be difficult to manage on your own and may lead to more alcohol and drug use. Medical detox gives you access to around-the-clock medical care, medication assistance, and counseling for your mental health.

We can keep you safe and as comfortable as possible as you take the first steps toward combatting substance abuse. Oftentimes, your health insurance will cover this intensive service, but we can also talk about payment assistance if necessary.

From here, most people decide to transition to our inpatient or residential treatment programs for additional support.

Residential Treatment Centers for Intensive Help

Once you make it out of the detox phase of your treatment, it will be a smooth transition as you pursue exceptional residential treatment at Ingrained. In this program, you will live in our luxury facility and allow us to take care of your day-to-day needs with services ranging from food to activities. You have access to help 24/7 whenever you most need it.

Residential treatment is an intensive treatment program that takes you out of your routine which led to drug and alcohol use in the past. You engage in therapeutic interventions with evidence-based models and can rest easy knowing that you are learning coping skills to apply when you return to your life.

Partial Hospitalization for Extra Support

When you move from residential care, you might want to scale your alcohol and drug treatment plan so that you have more support. Partial hospitalization is an in-between step from inpatient to outpatient care.

You will spend the majority of the day in our facility, receiving the same services as our inpatient clients, with options for sober living in Macon.

In a PHP you have your evenings and nights free to spend time with loved ones, explore the Macon, GA area, and put your coping skills to good use. This is a great transition for anyone who wants to practice staying drug and alcohol-free after a 30, 60, or 90-day stay in our inpatient treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment to Transition

After you graduate from our convenient-to-Macon drug rehab, you may not want to fully immerse yourself back in the routines that led to your substance abuse. You can ease the transition back by enrolling in an intensive outpatient program.

In an IOP setting, you can attend outpatient therapy and groups during the day but still spend nights in your bed at home. The benefit to this is that you can engage in all of the fun activities Macon, GA has to offer when you are not attending an appointment.

Sober Living Activities Central to Your Addiction Treatment

Once you leave the safety of inpatient drug rehab centers, you need to find new things to do and see apart from substance use. The good news is that there are tons of activities in Macon, GA that don’t require you to drink or use drugs to enjoy them. Here are some fun sober activities you may enjoy in the area.

Tubman Museum for History, Culture, and Art

The Tubman Museum is located near our convenient alternative to drug and alcohol rehab centers in Macon. This museum features the amazing life and experiences of Harriet Tubman, who founded the Underground Railroad. You can soak up the story of her life and accomplishments, but that isn’t all.

The museum also hosts plenty of events throughout the year. Art exhibits, live music, festivals, and more all come to visit this comprehensive museum. Not to mention, it’s affordable for anyone who is looking for inexpensive things to do around Macon that don’t involve drug or alcohol use.

Sober Living Activities

Grand Opera House for Cultural Events

If you want to soak up the best that the area has to offer, catch an act at the Grand Opera House in Macon. This center features live music acts, but it also has standup comedy and even plays that come to grace the stage. You will never lack for fun things to do here.

This can be a fun experience for the whole family once you graduate from drug treatment but still need to stay in the area for intensive outpatient.

Museum of Arts and Sciences for the Kids

Substance abuse takes you away from your family, so you may need to rebuild relationships with them once you are sober. You can start by making new memories with them now that you can be fully present without drugs or alcohol. Kids will love spending an afternoon at the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

There are always new exhibits at the museum, allowing you to explore the animal kingdom, look at the stars in the planetarium, and even go on nature walks. There is something here for every family member, regardless of age or interest.

Plus, there are picnic spots around the museum so that you can make a whole day of it.

Amerson River Park to Immerse Yourself in Nature

When you need something free to do while enrolled in your drug rehab centers, you might want to explore the local parks system. Amerson River Park is one of the shining jewels of Macon, GA. It has plenty of green space where you can kick around a soccer ball or toss a football with friends.

When the weather cooperates, you can even hike a couple of miles on their paved trails for a mile or two. The kids will love playing on the playground equipment with opportunities to climb, slide, and burn some of their energy off.

However, the real draw is the river where you can go tubing on a two-mile loop from one end of the park to the other. You could also rent a canoe if you prefer to stay a little drier but still want to get out on the water to cut the Georgia heat.

Find Effective Addiction Treatment Macon Alternative Now

Local Support Groups and 12-Step Meetings Near Macon

Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab in Georgia, or anywhere else for that matter, is about more than just evidence-based treatment modalities and fun sober activities in the surrounding area. While these can be important in your decision-making, it also helps to know that you have access to support around the clock.

Once you are discharged from your addiction treatment, you might need 12-step meetings, or another peer support like SMART Recovery, to help support you through (and past the challenges of early recovery).

Here is a detailed breakdown of AA and NA meetings in Macon. Always be sure to verify before attending when possible, as dates and times can change.

AA Meetings In and Around Macon, GA

AA Meetings In and Around Macon

Macon, GA has an extensive network of Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step meetings that you can take advantage of when not in our treatment centers. Here is a comprehensive list of where you can turn for additional support.

  • Daybreak’s Group (Sunday at 7:07 AM; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00 PM)
    432 Forest Hill Road
  • Living Sober Group (Sunday at 4:00 PM, 8:00 PM; Monday – Friday at 12:00 PM, 8:00 PM; Saturday at 7:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM)
    151 Woodfield Drive
  • New Beginnings Group (Sunday at 6:00 PM; Friday at 6:00 PM)
    1185 Ash Street
  • Old Clinton Group (Sunday at 7:00 PM; Tuesday at 7:00 PM; Thursday at 7:00 PM)
    304 Old Clinton Road
  • River Walk Group (Monday-Friday at 8:00 AM)
    2551 N Pierce Ave
  • We Are Not Saints Group (Monday at 12:00 PM)
    1217 Forest His Road
  • Twelve Steppers Group (Monday at 12:00 PM; Thursday at 6:00; Saturday at 12:00 PM)
    753 College Street
  • Happy Hour Group (Monday at 6:00 PM; Wednesday at 6:00; Friday at 6:00 PM)
    2306 Vineville Avenue
  • CrossRoads Group (Monday at 8:00 PM; Friday at 8:00 PM)
    500 Bass Road
  • We Are Not Saints Group (Tuesday at 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM; Wednesday – Saturday at 12:00 PM)
    595 Wimbish Road
  • New Southside Group (Tuesday at 1:00 PM)
    174 Walnut Street
  • ABC Group (Thursday at 7:30 PM)
    7015 Rivoli Road
  • Primary Purpose Group (Thursday at 8:00 PM; Saturday at 12:00 PM)
    1290 College Street

NA Meetings

NA Meetings

Much like Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you can also make good use of Narcotics Anonymous meetings during your downtime. There is a meeting every day of the week in Macon, allowing you access to the support necessary to stay sober.

  • New Life Group (Saturday, Sunday at 7:00 PM)
    4162 Roy Ave
  • Brighter Outlook Group (Monday to Saturday at 12:00 PM)
    2227 Mercer University Drive
  • Macon Miracles (Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM)
    753 College Street
  • Ocmulgee Group (Tuesday, Thursday at 8:00 PM; Friday at 7:00 PM)
    3740 Bloomfield Village
  • New Life Group (Thursday at 6:30)
    Memorial Park
  • Last House Recovery (Wednesday at 6:00 PM)
    822 Little Short Street
Get Effective Help for Mental Health

Get Effective Help for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

When you are seeking alcohol and drug treatment as well as help with mental health, you need a facility that can accommodate both. Ingrained Recovery is happy to offer help for dual-diagnosis individuals because we understand that there is significant overlap.

Our goal is to help you establish a framework that gives you the best chance at success.

The goal of our program is to uncover the root cause of your substance abuse and apply treatment right at the source. Whether it is environmental or mental health-related, we can help.

Do Our Macon Drug Rehab Programs Accept Insurance?

The good news is there are tons of payment options for Ingrained Recovery and our convenient option apart from drug and alcohol rehab centers in Macon, GA. We accept many types of private insurance, but we may also be able to work with you on a self-payment option, a sliding fee scale, or other forms of payment assistance.

Allow our enrollment team to talk with you about your unique payment situation and come up with a plan that allows you to access treatment without worrying about the long-term cost. If you need something in the Macon area with its southern charm, give Ingrained Recovery a chance to prove that we have everything you need.

Get Solutions and Find Help at Ingrained Recovery Now

Get Help at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Macon Today

Are you ready to enter into addiction treatment at our treatment centers near Macon, GA? There is a lot to consider when selecting a facility, but Ingrained Recovery makes it easy to get the help you need. If you feel ready to take on your substance abuse, allow our admissions team to work with you to see if your private insurance will cover treatment.

Allow us to verify your benefits and kickstart your recovery with a quick and confidential phone call today!


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