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Using your health insurance benefits might result in a lack of privacy if your insurance plan is sponsored by an employer. It may not even cover much of your treatment depending on the specific policy you are enrolled in. Instead, you may be interested in private pay rehab with affordable rates that you can pay for out of pocket.

Ingrained Recovery offers self-pay rehab rates that allow you to access our medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment facilities with greater ease. We also offer a secluded, upscale facility with comfortable amenities, a beautiful 50-acre campus, equine therapy, and more.

If you want to be comfortable while you battle alcohol or drug abuse, Ingrained provides the help and support you need. Keep reading to learn more about our rehab center for the first days of your sobriety, and learn more about affordable self-pay rates.

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Private Pay Rehab

What is a Private Pay Rehab?

Before we dive too far into the amenities of Ingrained Recovery and what you should look for in a rehab facility, you should understand what self-payment plans might look like. Oftentimes, rehab facilities will give out discounts to those who aren’t processing their stay through health insurance companies.

This saves them time from having to bill the insurance company, and they can pass savings along.

You don’t necessarily have to pay in cash to get the self-pay discount. If you don’t have the money to cover the cost of care, you may use a credit card or a medical loan to get the same discount. About 90 percent of rehabs accept cash payments or self-payment, including Ingrained Recovery.

The expenses of a private pay alcohol and drug rehab center are going to vary depending on the length of your treatment, the amenities at the facility where you seek help, and what level of care you need at this stage of the journey. Most people choose between medical detox and inpatient programs.

Both are intensive and provide around-the-clock services for your care. Only once you graduate from these comprehensive programs do most people segue into an outpatient treatment program.

The Connection Between Health Insurance Coverage and Self-Pay Plans

Keep in mind that you can always see what your health insurance will cover by allowing us to verify your benefits. If you do accept a partial payment from insurance coverage, the remainder isn’t eligible for the same self-pay discounts. It’s worth it to weigh both options and choose whichever gives the best value.

Private pay also doesn’t apply to deductibles or coinsurance payments that your insurance company may require before they kick in to cover the cost of care.

Some people aren’t sure that their health insurance is going to foot the bill for treatment for substance use disorders. They may automatically think that they will have to look at self-pay plans to get the help they need. However, you may be surprised by how much your insurance will pay even at more upscale facilities like Ingrained.

Our admissions staff can help you verify your benefits with a free phone call, and we can tell you how much insurance is going to cover. Then, you make an educated decision on whether you want to tap your benefits or go with self-payment plans.

What to Look for in Private Pay Rehab Centers

When you are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you may wonder what the first steps are when you enter into addiction treatment centers. Here are a few things that you may want to look for in the search for private rehab centers.

Experienced Staff in a Medical Detox Program

The early days of sobriety are some of the hardest to endure in any alcohol or drug treatment program. You will often be wracked with withdrawal symptoms and cravings that make you want to check out for good. Look for private rehab facilities that offer experienced staff who can make you much more comfortable during detox.

They should be able to offer you medication-assisted treatment if warranted. At a minimum, staff would be available for you around the clock. Someone should always be on call to help you through your stay.

Medical Detox Program

Transition to Inpatient Treatment Centers

A medical detox is simply the first step on the long road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. With one of the hardest parts of your recovery over, you can start to turn your attention toward those private rehab centers that feature residential treatment options.

This allows you to rest under the 24/7 care of a team of medical professionals and clinicians who can help you learn how to navigate sobriety. They are there to help you process difficult emotions, strong cravings, and uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal.

Luxury facilities like Ingrained can make you that much more comfortable during the long and arduous road to recovery.

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Why Choose Ingrained Recovery for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Inpatient Rehab at Ingrained

Ingrained Recovery offers our luxury accommodations as private pay rehab centers for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We have many amenities and services that set us apart from other rehabs, allowing us to help you make the most of treatment time. While we accept most major insurance providers, our private pay rehab services are made accessible and affordable to all.

Here are a few reasons to consider inpatient rehab at Ingrained.

Confidentiality and a Secluded Setting

Attending a drug and alcohol rehab may be something that you want to do without the knowledge and input of friends, coworkers, and even the community at large. It’s one of the many reasons why people delay receiving treatment for substance use issues. They don’t want others to know their well-hidden secret.

Ingrained Recovery offers the help you need without sacrificing privacy. At our facility, you’ll be very secluded from the outside world which allows you to maintain confidentiality while going through the recovery process. Nobody has to know that you’re here unless you invite them to participate in your treatment.

To this end, we’re situated on a very secluded piece of land in Southern Georgia. When you are discharged from our program, you’ll still be conveniently located near sober living activities in the surrounding big cities. Recovery meetings are plentiful in nearby cities, allowing you to stick with sobriety.

A Gorgeous Campus with Walking Trails

Not only are we tucked away in a secluded setting but we also have a beautiful and expansive ranch-style campus. Ingrained is located on fifty acres of verdant land in the heart of Georgia. Spending time in nature is a very healing activity, and we aim to help you get healthier physically and mentally.

Between sessions of therapy and support group meetings, you can explore our walking trails. A simple running and walking regimen can help you through tough times, give you an outlet for cravings, and minimize the desire to use again. You can start to develop an exercise habit while in treatment.

Equine Therapy at Our Rehab Centers

Equine Therapy at Ingrained Recovery

One of the main things that sets our inpatient rehab apart from other centers is that we offer an equine therapy program as part of our treatment. For many people, brushing a horse or climbing on its back for a leisurely ride is a relaxing activity. But we know there are more beneficial aspects of equine therapy.

Research has proven that working with horses results in higher retention rates for treatment programs and better outcomes from treatment than the standard behavioral therapies.

This may not be something that health insurance typically covers, but it could allow you to make some significant gains. It may even be something that you continue with after you leave our rehab centers.

A Fully Stocked Pond for Relaxing Afternoons

During your inpatient rehabilitation, you’ll still have some downtime that you need to fill between your therapy sessions. You may need an avenue for peaceful reflection and meditation — and what better way to pursue a little peace and quiet than sitting on the edge of the pond with a fishing rod in hand?

Ingrained Recovery has a pond fully stocked with fish so that you can enjoy your leisure time in a way that you can’t at many other alcohol and drug rehab centers.

While there is there may have been substance use while fishing in your past, this is an opportunity for you to practice it with a new approach to sober living. It may break the habits of the past while allowing you to enjoy the fresh Georgia air and sunshine.

Chef-Prepared Meals for Gourmet Dining at Ingrained Recovery

Chef-Prepared Meals for Gourmet Dining

When you’re thinking about entering a hospital for addiction treatment, a common complaint is the lack of flavor and taste in the mass-produced cafeteria food. Ingrained Recovery prides itself on being able to offer you the very best experience. We believe that starts with dining, which is why we offer all chef-prepared meals over institutionalized food choices.

Substance abuse naturally takes a toll on your nutrition and health. It leads to decreased eating and lack of nutrients that impact your physical health. Healthy, prepared meals help to correct nutritional deficiencies while allowing you to enjoy your time in our care.

Talk with Our Enrollment Team at Ingrained Recovery Today

Are you finally ready for addiction treatment and want to learn more about the programs we offer at Ingrained Recovery? We can help you navigate the waters of enrolling in drug and alcohol rehab with our friendly team. We will guide you through the admissions process every step of the way.

Ingrained is proud to offer luxury recovery experiences to our clients, helping you to be as comfortable as possible during the early days of your sobriety. Call us today to learn more about our private pay rehab options or to verify any benefits that health insurance may cover!

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