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Those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues now have a better option: Ingrained Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab ranch in Georgia. Most drug rehab centers offer the same therapies with few additional options to keep behavioral health treatment programs engaging for clients.

Ingrained Recovery offers those same evidence-based therapy models/ But we have an added twist that makes drug and alcohol addiction treatment even more healing. We are a luxury rehab ranch with equine therapy, a proven treatment that other centers don’t have.

Our beautiful location in Eastman, Georgia, offers a serene setting. The decor of our outpatient and residential treatment centers is well-appointed and calming.

Keep reading – you’ll learn more about addiction treatment at our luxury ranch-like recovery center.

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Rehab Ranch in Georgia

Substance Abuse Help in a Setting Unlike Other Treatment Centers

Those suffering from the fallout of drug addiction or alcoholism find our facilities the perfect spot to begin all over again. We provide a home-like environment and community spaces that cater to client comfort, allowing them to focus on their main goal – addiction recovery.

Our grounds are immaculate, with outdoor seating areas to soak up the sun, roll out a yoga mat, or reflect. There’s plenty of space to walk, exercise, and enjoy the beauty of the green pastures. Men and women alike will appreciate the thoughtfully planned spaces.

The most unique offering is the opportunity to work with our horses. They have a well-documented ability to sense and heal suffering in every person.

Effective Drug Rehab Centers Must Also Address Mental Health

Addictions to drugs or alcohol rarely occur without another problem present. The underlying factor leading to this disease can be growing up in a culture of drug dependence. But more commonly, the thing that causes alcohol or drug addiction for most people is mental health disorders or trauma.

Our intensive programs will help adults recover from the root causes of their substance abuse. Failing to address these during a recovery program will increase the chances of a relapse after treatment.

A program that treats drug or alcohol abuse without identifying and treating these underlying factors is like mopping up a floor while fixing a leaky roof. It may clean up the problem temporarily, but it will continue returning.

A Short Drive From Augusta, Atlanta, and Other Georgia Cities

In our experience, one of the first things new clients ask is, “Where is Eastman, Georgia?” But what they want to know is how far away our treatment center is from their city. Here are some approximate driving distances from other Georgia cities:

Our central Georgia location is convenient to most of the Peach State.

Insurance Verification Services Make Going to Recovery Easier

We accept most major insurances, making services affordable. Connect with our team for more information about how we can help you restore hope.

Our recovery team will even call your insurance for you and get your pre-determination of benefits before you arrive at our recovery center.

Ingrained Recovery Rehab Facility

What to Expect When Arriving at Ingrained Recovery for Your Program

Some people feel shy or apprehensive about what to expect when arriving at their treatment centers. That’s natural! Here’s what you can expect as you start your program at Ingrained Recovery:

Intake and an Initial Assessment

Residents and out-patients alike receive the same initial intake and assessment. Our staff will assist you, answer your initial questions about rehab, and supply you with information you’ll need over the next weeks. They will also help you with a medical questionnaire to assess your readiness for recovery at our facility.

Medical Detox and Expert Support for Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are still actively using your drug of choice, you’ll complete a medically supervised detox period. This will occur in a secure, safe setting. It’s compassionate care supervised by our experienced staff.

If you have a medical issue or emotional difficulty during withdrawal, we may prescribe medications to manage them. Our expertise ensures your safety and well-being.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Some clients enjoy the flexibility of our intensive outpatient program. The IOP option allows them to work or attend to their family obligations.

IOP clients therapy several days per week for a few hours each session. It’s the most flexible solution for busy working people, parents, or people with court appearances.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

The Partial Hospitalization Program is a more comprehensive outpatient treatment option. In this setting, the outpatient treatment center offers the same evidence-based programs but receives more hours of treatment per week.

Out-patients in this program also sleep at home or in transitional housing (such as a sober living home) at night.

Find Effective Addiction Treatment in Georgia at Ingrained

Ingrained Recovery Treatment Program

Inpatient or Residential Treatment Programs

Residents or in-patients receive the most comprehensive care and treatment. This program is the best setting for those with the longest-term or severe types of addiction.

Inpatient care is also necessary for the person without a stable home life to return to in the evening. The 24-hour nature of an inpatient facility ensures continued sobriety while receiving services.

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual counseling is at the center of ending your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Participating in these services allows you to dig deeply to discover the core of your addiction in a safe environment.

Your counselor has the education and real-life experience to help clients recover from substance abuse and change their behaviors.

Family Therapy (Repair Those Bonds With Expert Guidance)

Addiction often hurts a special loved one – parent, child, sibling, or spouse. Treatment services often include counseling to help give families hope for a fresh start.

Addiction shatters lives. But once families have this education on the causes of substance abuse, they learn to be better support systems. For those struggling with healing, they learn to make amends as they move forward in life.

Group Counseling Sessions

All alcohol and drug rehab clients also attend group counseling sessions. These groups are your peers at our recovery center. They understand firsthand the difficulties of substance abuse and how brave it is to seek the help of treatment facilities.

You become part of each other’s lives, a community offering support and hope.

Equine Therapy Sets Our Facility Apart

Equine therapy promotes emotional well-being and personal growth. An article in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies proved it effective in helping to heal substance abuse. With this treatment, you bond with a horse, building trust and self-esteem. They are highly intuitive creatures.

To work with horses successfully, you must be present and focused. You can transfer that to developing the emotional regulation skills needed to stay sober after leaving the drug rehab center.

Aftercare Programs for Long-term Recovery

Recovery after addiction is a commitment to life. We help prepare you for success after leaving the recovery center by helping you plan for a successful, addiction-free new life. You will leave our facility with some specific strategies to stay clean and sober in recovery.

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