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When you need medical detox, Atlanta, GA, may offer you or your loved one various drug and alcohol rehabs where you can get clean. However, choosing the best addiction treatment centers in Atlanta – or the surrounding areas of Georgia – is of higher importance than picking detox services based only on location.

Enter Ingrained Recovery, our convenient-to-Atlanta drug treatment center in Eastman, Georgia. We achieve positive treatment outcomes by extending our focus beyond addiction treatment alone. Instead, we dig deep into the core of substance use disorders, discovering why you have turned to alcohol or drug addiction.

Once we understand this, our detox Atlanta services and treatment facility can help you break free of drug and alcohol addiction in lasting and profound ways. Read on to discover why driving to our drug and alcohol rehab instead of relying on treatment centers in Atlanta, GA, might be the best fit for you!

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Detox Atlanta Services at Ingrained Recovery

The Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta, GA

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (or SAMHSA) warns that Atlanta, Georgia, like most of the United States, has found itself in a drug crisis. Opioid abuse has risen steadily over the past fifteen years in people aged twelve and up.

One factor that may contribute is that Atlanta offers a strategic location that makes it a hub for drug traffickers. Atlanta, GA, has a network of interstates that allow them to move addictive substances up and down the East Coast.

The solutions include community-based programs, education, early intervention, and evidence-based treatment programs like those we offer at Ingrained Recovery.

Why Some Seek Addiction Treatment Away from Atlanta, Georgia

Clients who come to Ingrained Recovery explain many reasons why they leave Atlanta when it’s time to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction, including when choosing a proven medically supervised detox such as ours at Ingrained.

Here are the top three reasons:

Getting Away from Dealers by Leaving Home for Medical Detox and Substance Abuse Programs

The top reason we hear from people is how their city is a place they associate with buying and drug use. It’s easier to walk out of medical detox programs and a treatment plan when they know that their dealer is just a quick call away.

In some cases, the dealers will even get pick them up from the drug and alcohol detox center! The 2.5 hour drive time from Atlanta creates a perfect buffer zone to prevent this happening. Unlike other facilities in or near ATL, like Buckhead Behavioral Health and Sunrise Detox Center (in Alpharetta), our treatment center is far enough away to discourage dealers and help ensure the completion of detox.

Medical Detox

Focus on a Successful Recovery Journey With Increased Privacy

Beginning treatment can make people feel vulnerable, especially with privacy concerns. Nobody wants to go to a detox program and discuss how they abused prescription drugs (or any other substance for that matter) when someone from their same community is in the same group therapy.

While nobody should feel ashamed for seeking behavioral health care, the stigma still exists and bothers some people, and nosy neighbors should not be given more to gossip about!

Driving From Atlanta, GA, Turns a Page in the Story of Long-Term Recovery

Many have told us that making the 2.5 hour drive to our recovery center gives them the sense of closing the chapter on their addiction and starting fresh in a way that an Atlanta center cannot fulfill.

While an Atlanta treatment center can also be effective, they feel the distance will help them on multiple levels. Few facilities in the greater Atlanta area offer a 50-acre campus, nor Ingrained Recovery’s focus on addressing the underlying conditions that lead to drinking and drug use.

As a way of turning over a new leaf, and helping people return to health, making the commitment a short distance away from the city can make a huge difference!

FAQs: Here Are Some Top Things People Ask About the Rehab and Detox Process

We take many calls from people interested in getting help. Here are some of the most-asked questions:

What Will Withdrawal Symptoms Feel Like During the Medical Detox Phase?

Every effective addiction recovery journey starts with medical detoxification. Some people have mild withdrawal symptoms that they describe as flu-like symptoms or discomfort, especially when they first arrive at the drug and alcohol detox center. But others experience withdrawal symptoms that are more intense, including vomiting, tremors, or chills.

That happens as the chemicals leave your body, sending your brain into panic mode. Remember that medical assistance is available when your choose our medical detox services. Our medical professionals will offer any necessary medications to treat the worst symptoms and make you more comfortable.

Can I Receive Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment at Following Detox Atlanta Services?

Yes, in fact Ingrained Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis treatment. If you have a dual diagnosis, such as drug or alcohol addiction, alongside a mental health diagnosis, we can provide co-occurring disorder treatment.

Our entire care team will work closely to develop an evidence-based, individualized care plan that will treat both your addiction to alcohol or drugs and your mental health concerns.

For instance, you might receive medications to treat the underlying disorder while receiving care for the addiction at the rehab and detox center. This treatment situation plays out often – you will be in good hands with our professional team.

What Can I Bring to Your Addiction Treatment Center?

Packing for Addiction Treatment

Many people want to know what they need to bring to an addiction treatment center, and Ingrained is no exception. This section mentions a few things you need and some things that our treatment programs will not allow.

You can bring these things to addiction treatment:

  • Comfortable clothing, including workout clothes
  • Personal hygiene items, but they must be alcohol-free and non-aerosol
  • Unopened shampoos and other such toiletries
  • Your ID and insurance card
  • Prescription medications in their original bottle
  • Reading and writing materials for your spare time

Here are some things to avoid taking to drug and alcohol detox:

  • Drugs or alcohol, including over-the-counter medicine
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Valuables
  • Food and drinks

This list is partial – when you talk with one of our admissions counselors, please ask them if you have any specific concerns.

What Will My Treatment Program at Ingrained Look Like?

Group Therapy - Treatment Program at Ingrained

Every client receives a highly personalized treatment plan. However, some treatments most people can expect are:

  • Individual counseling: Guided by a licensed therapist, you will receive individual therapy. These can include behavior modification therapies or other techniques to learn why you started abusing drugs or alcohol. Most people who come to Ingrained Recovery spend much of your treatment time in individual therapy.
  • Group therapy: You may also work with your peers in group therapy. These group sessions allow you to work with others who understand addiction as well as you do. Together, you grow and learn.
  • Family therapy: Many have the opportunity to invite their families, which are heavily impacted and strained by addiction. These sessions facilitate healing under the guidance of a counselor.

No two addiction experiences are alike, and no two treatment plans are the same. However, we hope this information provides an overall look at possible treatments.

What Level of Care Do I Need for My Addiction?

Most people who come to Ingrained Recovery from Atlanta receive residential treatment due to the drive time. Residential treatment is highly structured and customized to help heal both your drug or alcohol issues as well as any related mental illness.

It’s worth mentioning that we do offer two outpatient services: our intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization. Some who come to us from Atlanta with less gripping addictions might choose one of these options and spend overnights in a sober living facility.

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Support Group

Returning to Atlanta After Finishing Treatment Programs

Imagine you’ve done all the hard work. Detox? Done. Treatment programs? Done. But now it’s time to go home. When you arrive home, you will be entering the aftercare phase. Some embrace it as an exhilarating taste of freedom.

Still, others see it as a hurdle or a time when they might slip up. Going home will mean finding new place and people, leaving your past habits and associations behind. Here are some wonderful things you can do in Atlanta to fill your time and stay clean:

  • Find a local support group: Community-based support groups, such as Metro Atlanta Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Atlanta Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or a SMART Recovery group, can connect you with others who know your struggles. Together, you work on maintaining sobriety. These groups are low-cost—free, in fact. However, they would appreciate a small donation if you could pitch in.
  • Finish your GED: Many leave their detox center, realizing that addiction to drugs or alcohol has robbed them of an opportunity to finish high school. GED prep programs are free and will occupy your time—an admirable way to spend the first days of your fresh start. You can take the GED test locally at Atlanta Technical College. In Georgia, you can take the GED in English or Spanish. A grade of 145 is a “pass,” but a score of 170 means you are college-ready and can go on to a university.
  • Get Fit at the YMCA of Metro Atlanta: As you recovered from your addiction, you probably saw a remarkable improvement in your physical fitness and psychological well-being. Continue that positive trajectory by joining the YMCA. They have almost 20 campuses around the metro area. Memberships are affordable, and they offer payment plans. Be sure to inquire about privileges at any sister center or campground locations (which are not usually on the same campus).
  • Bike the PATH trails: Once a railroad hub, the PATH Foundation has repurposed abandoned railways into modern, safe bicycle paths. They have installed over 325 miles of biking and walking trails around paved, off-road trails to enjoy since they started the mission in 1991. Many consider the PATH trails one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets.
  • Pay a visit to one of Atlanta’s Farmers Markets: While you live in the city, Georgia’s surrounding countryside is fertile. Fortunately, farm vendors come into the city to sell their goods at several Farmer’s Markets around Atlanta—check out this list. It’s amazing to walk, talk with the growers, and get creative ideas on how to eat those farm-fresh products.

You will soon form new, healthier friendships when you start participating in new sober living activities. These are just a few inspiring ideas to get you started; Atlanta offers so much more sober fun it would be nearly impossible to list entirely!

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