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Get Effective Detox and Recovery Options Together as a Couple

One of the most difficult scenarios any couple can face is a shared addiction. The stressors of a normal relationship are magnified as the daily struggle to support a habit for two people puts the weight of the world on both parties.

Combine this with the fact that most of those close to the relationship are likely to encourage you to take a break from one another, often without any basis or understanding of the inner structure of your relationship. And while you both know that substance abuse treatment is the only viable solution – you also feel that separating for this process could be an emotional strain and that your relationship won’t survive.

Luckily, couples rehab Georgia options at Ingrained Recovery allow both of you to attend the same facility while focusing on your personal challenges and maintaining a consistent presence in each other’s lives as support pillars.

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Couples Rehab Georgia

Addiction Treatment for Couples: Challenging the Standards of Recovery

At Ingrained Recovery, we understand that not every recovery situation is the same. While a large majority of relationships involving drug abuse are fueled by codependency issues and abuse, this isn’t typical of every relationship.

In some cases, creating a distance between your significant other may be detrimental for your recovery. These are the perfect scenarios for addiction treatment for couples. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of couples rehab and how Ingrained Recovery can help you and your significant other take the important step into recovery together.

6 Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment for Couples

In the right situations, drug or alcohol addiction treatment for couples yields the following advantages:

1) Established Support

From the onset, there is already a pillar of support in place. The substance abuse treatment facility provides the structured environment needed to spark mutual support, turning it into a powerful motivational tool and source of inspiration for both individuals.

2) Improves Communication

Substance abuse treatment in general is known to improve and manifest healthy communication. Couples who participate in these addiction treatment programs have an opportunity to learn about healthier ways of communicating, avoiding conflicts, and drawing boundaries. Improving your communication leads to more effective support and a healthier understanding of the concerns the other has.

3) Identifying Drug Abuse Triggers

Triggers – one of the most overly spoken words in the substance abuse and drug rehab industry. However, drug and alcohol rehab for couples can help those involved identify the things that trigger them, and what contributes to placing more emotional strain on the relationship. Armed with these tools, it becomes easier to move forward for successful recovery.

4) Relapse Prevention

Couple Rehab - Relapse Prevention Plan

Working together toward recovery pushes both sides to hold the other accountable. Creating a relapse prevention plan that benefits both can be an impactful tool that may not have otherwise been used.

5) Rebuilding Lost Trust

In many drug abuse situations, couples lose much-needed trust. Establishing this trust once more is an important aspect of healing and not holding resentment or ill feelings.

6) Establishing Healthy Boundaries

What does establishing healthy boundaries mean? Normally, this is a way of avoiding a codependency situation. Create lines in the sand that might include alone time for just you during the day. Make sure you always have dynamics in life that include at least minor time away from your significant other. You don’t want your whole life built around your spouse – it becomes unhealthy, and in the end, putting all your eggs in one basket is a way to hit rock bottom if things don’t work out.

A couple’s drug rehab combined with the right professional guidance and therapeutic modalities can be a life-changing experience for the better. Achieving recovery together ultimately leads to a more fulfilling relationship.

However, as with any delicate situation in life – there are times when it simply won’t work. The following situations probably aren’t the most ideal for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Avoid the Following Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scenarios for Couples

Pushing forward in these scenarios is most likely setting you up for failure. Rethink your plan and don’t avoid these red flags:

Safety Situations

If your relationship dynamic is going to create a safety concern during drug and alcohol rehab, it’s not a good idea at all. Any history of physical or emotional abuse creates a volatile situation that puts not only you but the lives of the other clients in danger.

Misdirected Motivations

If one partner has a lack of motivation for getting clean, it’s a surefire way to set yourself up to fail. Both sides must be equally committed to recovery and remain committed for the long haul.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Couples

Extreme Cases

There are some situations where the mental health aspect is just too severe to move forward in a public environment. If one side is dealing with a high-level mental health crisis, it’s best if they find treatment centers that specialize in this specifically before tackling drug and alcohol rehabilitation for couples.

Severe Codependency

Most willing couples can conquer the issue of codependency. However, when deep-seated issues lie at the center of co-dependency – it’s best if alternative treatment centers are contacted to help the individual who’s having the most difficult time.


It’s important that both of you are in or around the same stage of recovery as the other. If one of you is 100% committed while the other is still in the decision-making stage, this doesn’t create the ideal atmosphere upon entering a treatment facility. You should consider weighing your options and carefully analyze if your goals are in alignment.

Additional Stress

Addiction Scenarios for Couples Additional Stress

Sometimes stressful situations can manifest that we just don’t expect. Things like issues with a child, or other disagreements we didn’t see coming can throw a wrench in our recovery spokes. This can be anything – and unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it.

It’s important to weigh the situation on an individual basis – but the situations above can be a great outline to compare your case specifically. Remember, no two relationships are ever the same, and should be treated appropriately.

Now, let’s take a look at another common inquiry regarding a couple’s substance abuse and mental health counseling.

During most couple’s-focused behavioral therapy partners are allowed to stay in a shared room This is for the sole purpose of mutual support and the opportunity to work together, sharing varied experiences one had during the day.

Couples Rehab Georgia: Our Treatment Plans

Each client will have their own personalized treatment plan. This means that your treatment plan is unique to you – and you should never attempt to make changes to your spouse’s plan or vice versa – especially for the sole purpose of having more time together throughout the day.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t share things you might have learned or discussed throughout the day. Remember, you’re there to act as support pillars for each other, and the more knowledge and education you can share regarding your recovery will only benefit you both more in the long run.


It’s important to remember that despite the fact you may be married/in a relationship with someone – this doesn’t erase the fact that privacy laws are in place. No information is shared unless specifically stated otherwise by your partner. It’s vital you respect and adhere to these rules.

Another important question potential clients have is the cost of substance use disorder treatment for couples, along with any specifics about insurance. In the section below, we cover the potential price of treatment and coverage options.

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Couples Rehab Cost in Georgia

How Much Does Couples Rehab in Georgia Cost?

The cost of couples rehab is based on the price of attending individual inpatient rehab programs. Technically, there is no designation for the price of a couple’s rehab – think of it as inpatient rehab times two.

Depending on the individual treatment plan, length of stay, and other specifics, inpatient rehab is generally between $15,000 and $30,000 for a 30 day stay. For a couple, this would be between $30,000 and $60,000.

In many cases, with private health insurance, this cost is largely or even entirely covered by your health plan benefits.

Without insurance, the costs can seem excessive, but cash-pay rates are available and other situations might provide relief from having to pay the full amount directly out-of-pocket.

Insurance Coverage for Couple’s Substance Addiction Therapy

Your insurance company is the main source for covering the cost of couples’ treatment. Depending on your provider and your specific plan, it’s possible to have most, if not all, of the costs covered during your stay.

Any questions or concerns you have regarding the cost of treatment and inquiries about insurance are fielded through our admissions office. We strongly encourage you to reach out for any assistance you need.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Out-of-pocket costs include anything that’s not covered by your insurance provider. Again, this depends on your specific plan and insurance company, but out-of-pocket expenses may include your co-payment or deductible.

The only way to obtain definitive answers is to reach out and contact a member of our team. If for some reason you think your insurance company won’t cover treatment at Ingrained Recovery, you should still reach out to our staff. Sometimes a solution is as simple as providing a pre-authorization form for your insurance company.

Whatever the case may be, the first step is reaching out and contacting us. The main priority is getting you and your spouse on the road to recovery – we’ll do everything within our power to help you find the solutions you need.

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Couples Rehab at Ingrained: Reach Out and Get Started!

There’s no reason for you and your significant other to continue to shoulder the load of substance abuse and the demands of everyday life. Each day spent not in recovery is another day you’ve lost enjoying the things that matter the most in life.

Ingrained Recovery is here for you. We believe that with a strong combined motivation with the goal of truly experiencing sobriety, coupled with our results-driven, experienced team and top-tier program, real healing is just around the corner.

Contact a member of our admissions team today, where a member of our compassionate staff is waiting to help you both take the first steps towards a brighter tomorrow!