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Are you trying to figure out how Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab and alcohol rehab coverage works? Perhaps you landed on this website page because you or your loved one struggles with substance abuse and needs drug and alcohol treatment. If that seems familiar to you, you’ve found just the right place to get the answers you need about substance use treatment and your BCBS coverage.

We at Ingrained Recovery are top-tier treatment providers. Our medical professionals specialize in treating drug and alcohol addiction along with any mental health conditions that may be the hidden cause of these struggles. But we’re more than a treatment provider; we see ourselves as partners in your road to recovery, with you at every turn.

Read on to discover how we can help you maximize your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan and get the healing touch you need at Ingrained!

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Are Often Misunderstood

Drug or alcohol addiction – whichever you have (or both) it’s likely that many people misunderstand your struggles. You may hope to quit using, and people don’t get why you don’t just stop. But the truth is, it’s a chronic disorder called substance use disorder. That means you experience compulsive drug or alcohol seeking and use. You know about the possible harm, but you can’t stop.

That’s because drinking and using drugs changes the brain’s structure and function. This “rewiring” sticks around, even long after you’ve stopped the substance use. As a result, you find yourself stuck in an endless loop – find your substance of choice, use, comedown, crave, repeat.

Recent statistics released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration confirm that millions of Americans share the same struggle. The 2022 SAMHSA findings reveal that 70.3 million Americans aged twelve and up used illicit drugs. Those figures prove an immediate need for effective rehab treatment services.

They also prove that drug or alcohol addiction is not a moral failing. It’s not a choice. It is a medical condition. Better yet, it’s one that you can overcome with the aid of a well-qualified treatment provider. Ingrained Recovery is here to help.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Treatment for Addiction?

Yes, your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage includes the cost of rehab facilities. In fact, anything that involves treatment for mental illness or rehab centers must be covered by every insurance company, per the Affordable Care Act. Before this law, you would probably receive quality specialty care for physical illnesses or surgeries but have exclusions for addiction or mental health.

That ended with the passage of the ACA. It made exceptional quality care standards for mental health, including substance use disorder treatment, the law of the land in the United States.

Overview of Blue Cross Blue Shield for Addiction Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-regarded, nationwide health insurance provider. Millions choose them, thanks to their many in-network and out-of-network providers.
Blue Cross Blue Shield offers comprehensive health insurance coverage. They famously cater to a wide range of needs, from physical well-being to mental health services to substance abuse treatment. Their policies also recognize that addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.
Here are treatment options your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan may cover:

Medical Detox in the Safety of Rehab Facilities

Detoxification must happen within the safety of a drug or alcohol treatment center. Your body will metabolize and release the last traces of your drug of choice during the first several hours. The body’s response can range from mild to severe.
But when you choose a medical detox facility, you have a team of healthcare providers at your side. They can prescribe medications to minimize these symptoms, bringing comfort and safety.

Medical Detox

Inpatient Treatment at Our Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab

Inpatient care (residential treatment) gives you the maximum level of support. The highly structured setting is best for those with the most severe addictions. If inpatient rehab fits you best, you receive care from highly-trained medical staff and counselors.
Your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan likely offers forms of rehab insurance coverage for residential treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for Addiction Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholders often approve partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). A PHP is a middle ground, where clients receive highly structured care during the day. These include behavioral therapies, counseling, or group therapy at the treatment facility.
But at night, clients leave to sleep at home or a sober living facility. It offers you the best of both worlds, with intensive care by day and the comforts of home overnight.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Treating Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Blue Cross Blue Shield also may cover you for outpatient care. These include intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs), which cover the cost of the treatment facility by day and allow you to go home by night. An intensive outpatient program may work best for someone caring for children or with other family responsibilities. Outpatient programs are also suitable for transitioning from inpatient back to everyday life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) describes a comprehensive approach to treating opioid or alcohol addictions. MAT combines counseling and therapies with FDA-approved medications to stabilize the brain’s chemistry. Thus, it reduces the euphoric effects and cravings for those substances.

Blue Cross Blue Shield commits to providing policyholders with access to choices can help you receive customized care with the goal of long-term recovery.

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Drug Rehab with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Darren Got Help With Blue Cross Blue Shield at Ingrained Recovery

Darren was an incredibly talented collegiate football player. He played running back for his team, a position demanding speed and strength – and Darren brought both. He’d often describe the rush he felt when hearing the crowds erupt in the stadium – it told him his hard work had paid off.

But the game he so loved also brought on his battle with prescription painkillers. The physical toll came one night when an opposing player tackled Darren, pinning his shoulder into a strange position – he swore he heard something go “pop.” The pain was excruciating and led to surgery that the doctors promised would get him back into the game.

The doctors gave Darren Vicodin after the surgery, just a small prescription that would ease the pain for the first couple of days. But Darren noticed that as the tenderness in his shoulder began to lessen, he still needed the Vicodin. It just made each day better, and days without it were hard. He called the doctor’s office and told a very helpful nurse that he still had too much pain; the surgeon agreed to refill the prescription. Just once.

The Beginning of an Opioid Dependence

Soon after, Darren began seeking other sources of Vicodin and similar painkillers. He even took a bottle from his friend’s mother’s bathroom cabinet. The spiral continued for several weeks. He missed classes, his grades plummeted, and he dropped his friends to stay in his room and get high.

Several months after the injury, Darren went home from college for winter break. His mother was astute – a registered nurse. So she quickly noticed the slurred speech and pinpoint pupils. She worked with someone who had found success at Ingrained Recovery and was a new woman after receiving alcohol addiction treatment services. That was a good enough reference for her!

Darren was so ashamed for hurting his mother – she was so proud of him being the first in the family to go to college. Not wanting to disappoint her further, he agreed to rehab.

A helpful woman at the rehab center contacted Blue Cross Blue Shield, and they pre-approved all the arrangements for his treatment program. His mom had to pay some out-of-pocket costs for the addiction treatment despite the good health insurance carrier. Darren worried, but she assured Darren they were within the family’s budget. He promised to pay her back for the medical costs after graduation.

Darren is now back in college, training for senior year football season. He also looks forward to staying clean and sober. After he graduates with his degree in physical therapy, he will have the chance to help other people heal and be well.

BCBS Insurance Coverage for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

If you are ready for a fresh start, you must first make heads or tails of your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. You have two options. The first is to call their customer service hotline, the number on the back of your card.

However, making sense of those confusing Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance industry buzzwords can cause anxiety or stress. So, if you feel pressured or triggered, you can take advantage of option two: Connect with our insurance verification team.

We will call your insurance provider and get the answers you need regarding your policy’s coverage. To do this, we ask you to call us with some personal health information available:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • State where your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy was issued
  • Your policy number.

We promise that your communication with us – whether about your Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan or any addiction treatment facility questions- is strictly confidential. We follow all HIPPA laws.

Our Proven Georgia Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

We are so proud that you are ready to start addiction treatment. With the help of our substance abuse services, you can recover from drug or alcohol abuse and reclaim full control of your life.

We recognize that your Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is an essential health benefit, and we can help you leverage it for the best possible coverage.

Besides providing you with drug and alcohol rehab services, we are among the top-tier rehab centers in Georgia. We take tremendous pride in offering you the highest level of care. We’re leaders in the behavioral health industry and can give you all the skills for long-term recovery.

Finally, if you feel unsure about treatment, we assure you that you will feel cared for and accepted by our entire team.

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Today is your chance to wipe away past mistakes from the slate and start fresh with healthy habits acquired at Ingrained Recovery. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans make getting help for alcohol or drug abuse easy to access and affordable. Whatever your substance use disorders, you deserve access to high-quality behavioral healthcare.

Restoring your mental and physical health is our top priority at Ingrained Recovery. We have a well-proven track record of successful program graduates. Will you be our next success story?

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