Goodbye Letter to Addiction: Template & Example

Goodbye Letter to Addiction

Goodbye Letter to Addiction: Template & Example

Get Guidance on Crafting a Powerful Farewell to Addiction Letter

Writing a goodbye letter to addiction can be a powerful exercise in helping someone in recovery from substance abuse. This letter is as much a way of saying goodbye to the addiction as it is a commitment to one’s self to break free. It signals readiness to break free from alcohol or drug abuse – an incredibly cruel evil master.

The entire team at Ingrained Recovery is with you along this way. We know how difficult it feels to choose the rehab center. But we also know that addiction is the hardest relationship you have. It may have wrecked your life. This letter helps you affirm your worth and reclaim your time from the addiction that has taken over your entire life.

But we understand it isn’t easy to write, particularly in the early going. You might tell yourself, ” I want to write a letter to my addiction,” but you don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ve got guidance to help! Keep reading to learn how to write your own goodbye letter to addiction – plus see a sample letter along with a printable worksheet you can use to guide your writing!

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6 Approaches for Reclaiming Your Personal and Professional Life with a Letter Like No Other

At Ingrained Recovery our team firmly believes that writing a letter to addiction is a way to release all the pain and take a step toward becoming the better person you want to be. You might desire that independence but don’t know where to start.

You’ve been through a lot, but now it’s time to be free of the toxic relationship you have with your drug of choice and restore connections with your true friends and family members.

Here are the six steps to writing the letter an addiction, and you can download our template for your own use here:

1) Set the Tone for the Goodbye Letter to Substance Abuse

Begin by addressing the addiction. This opening strikes a personal tone, showing that you plan to say goodbye and get help.

Example: “Dear [Alcohol or Drug of Choice],”

2) Detail the Impact of How It Has Taken Almost Everything From You

Explain how the addiction has affected your friendships, health, and overall well-being. This helps to underscore the reasons for your decision to let go.

Example: “I believed things you told me. But now, you have cost me my health and a great relationship and stolen my happiness. You’ve become my worst nightmare, and you stopped giving me joy and constantly blocked my success.”

3) Acknowledge the Relationship and the Perceived Happy Moments

Relationship and the Perceived Happy Moments

Describe how the addiction has been a part of your life. Be honest about both the perceived positives and the real negatives.

Example: “You have been a part of my life for [# years.] Things started fine at first. You provided an escape, a false sense of comfort, and moments of numbness. But you also brought chaos and struggles.”

4) Express Your Determination to Get Support

Declare your decision to end the addiction and your commitment to a healthier life through treatment and support. This part reinforces your resolve.

Example: “Today, I say goodbye. I reclaim my life and my future. I deserve to live free from your evil clutches, and I am determined to find joy and peace without you.”

5) Look to a Joyful Future With Your Friends and Family Members

Discuss your hope for the future without the addiction. This can include personal goals, rebuilding relationships, and finding new sources of joy.

Example: “I look forward to waking up each day without your shadow hanging over me. I am excited to rebuild my life, fix relationships, and discover who I am without you. I know it won’t be easy, but I am ready for the challenge.”

6) Close the Letter

End the letter with a strong, definitive closing. This signifies the end of the relationship and your commitment to moving forward.

Example: “Goodbye forever, Alcohol and Drugs. You will no longer dictate my life. Sincerely,
[Your Name]”

A Sample Goodbye Letter to Addiction

Prompts to Craft Goodbye Letter to Addiction

Dear Addiction to Opioids,

You’ve been a part of my world for ten years now. You offered an escape from my traumatic childhood experiences, and I became comfortable. It began innocently enough, with a prescription for pain relief. I thought I would control you, but you eventually caused heartache and other problems. You made me feel invincible. In those moments, you felt like a lifeline.

But I was wrong when I believed you. You’re a tremendous liar who promised to help me when I was scared. I have realized that My health has deteriorated, my children have been taken away, and I don’t have a job to support myself. I believed your promises and lost track of things that matter. You’ve been the best thief, robbing me of my peace. To be clear, the pain you’ve inflicted is unbearable.

For too long, I let you control me and even hated myself at times. You made me believe I needed you to cope, to survive. But today, I see through your lies. I realize the extent of the harm you’ve done. I never in a million years thought I’d be in this position. But today I say goodbye to you. I am reclaiming my future. I deserve to live free from your grip, and I am determined to find joy and peace without you. I am excited to rebuild the lives of myself and my kids and discover who I am without you. You’ll not be even a part of my future.

I will find new sources of joy and happiness in healthy actions and habits. I will seek the support of an addiction treatment center who cares about me. I will succeed.

Goodbye forever, Opioids.

[J.J. Doe]

When to Write a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

Write a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

There is no right or wrong time for this experience. Releasing your concerns and all that worry can be freeing, but it may be the hardest thing you’ll do during the path to getting clean and sober.

Here are when some people choose to write their goodbye letter to substance abuse:

  • After Detox: The goodbye letter can mark a turning point, letting go of the struggles of withdrawal and looking forward to accomplishing your recovery goals.
  • In Therapy: Your counselor may work with you to help you reflect on your addiction and confront it as the thief it has been.
  • Transitioning to Aftercare: Some write this letter to mark the end of treatment.

The experience of writing this letter can be wonderful.

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