How Much Does Rehab Cost in Georgia?

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Georgia

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Georgia?

Find Answers on Rehab Costs and Get Support at Ingrained

When you know that your substance use, or that of a loved one, has gotten out of hand, it’s time to seek professional help. Maybe you’re ready to take that crucial step today, but the financial burden of paying for care is holding you back. This is where our resource guide can offer vital help!

So, let’s get to the meat of the matter: how much does rehab cost in Georgia?

Ingrained Recovery aims to make your treatment as affordable as possible. While we do offer luxury amenities, we still pride ourselves on being affordable for clients. Learn more about what insurance might cover for your stay by calling our enrollment team or asking about financial assistance today!

Getting Evidence-Based Substance Use Treatment

You might be surprised how many people seek help for substance use each year. According to the SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 1.5 million people sought help in the most recent collection of data.

But the question is: how were they able to afford these services?

Fortunately, there are some great ways to afford drug and alcohol rehab using your insurance coverage first and foremost.

Get Effective Detox and Rehab Options

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Affordable Care Act for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

As part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are now mandated to cover substance use disorder and mental health services. These are both considered essential health benefits and can help you gain access to resources that may not have been available to you previously.

Insurance companies don’t necessarily have to cover treatment in full, but they do have to cover your rehab stay to the same extent that they would cover medical issues or surgical interventions.

Better yet, an insurance company cannot cut you off from spending in a given year or lifetime. It means that you can seek treatment at whatever level you require for as long as it takes without fear that the insurance company will cut you off before you’re ready for discharge.

Many forms of insurance will cover your stay at Ingrained entirely, so it’s worth checking with our team to see what you might owe out-of-pocket for detox and inpatient rehab.

How Much Does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

Inpatient Rehab Cost

This is the question that burns bright in the minds of anyone who might be interested in seeking help for their substance abuse. In Georgia, private rehab costs can start around $20,000 for inpatient care and increase depending on amenities and length of treatment stay.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the cost for inpatient treatment at a standard, non-luxury private facility is about $600 per day.

However, this doesn’t account for more luxury facilities that may offer more evidence-based treatments and more comfortable accommodations. Ingrained offers much more than state hospitals or traditional rehabs, with our access to equine-assisted therapy, dual diagnosis treatments, a sprawling campus filled with natural beauty, and more.

Some luxury facilities like ours can cost more than $50,000 a month, but we strive to make access to our care more affordable with a range of payment options and various forms of in-network insurance coverage.

How Much Does Outpatient Rehab Cost?

Sometimes, people will transition to outpatient rehab because the cost of care is lower. You won’t reside in our facility long-term, but you retain access to some of our best services like group or individual therapies. There are two levels of care you can choose from: partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP).

Ingrained Recovery offers both types of services with PHP being more intensive than IOP.

This type of outpatient treatment usually averages around $400 or more per day according to the same study. It may be more accessible to more patients and it could be a great way to transition from inpatient back to your regular life or routines. You may be able to offset this cost even further with insurance plans.

Reduce or Eliminate the Price Tag with Insurance Coverage at Ingrained

The good news is that Ingrained is in negotiations to provide in-network coverage for many insurance providers that can dramatically reduce that price tag or even eliminate it. Given the luxury settings of Ingrained and the unique specializations we bring to the table, it’s worth pursuing alcohol and drug rehab with us.

We offer services to accommodate the needs of every client from inpatient rehab to IOP and aftercare programs. We are here to see you succeed in the long run. Take your time working your way through the levels of our facility while enjoying the comfort and luxury of our campus.

While it may sound expensive at first glance, you should make sure to inquire with our enrollment team what your benefits may cover and how affordable your rehab stay will likely could be.

Upscale Facilities for Drug and Alcohol Addiction at Ingrained

Equine Therapy for Emotional Healing

Ingrained prides itself on being more than a basic rehab center. We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable and productive as possible. We have amenities and offerings that stand out from the pack of other rehab centers — all at an affordable price tag.

If you have been searching for a top Georgia rehab, we want you to know that we will work with you to come up with a cost you can afford. We want everyone to receive the help they need for substance misuse. Don’t let the potential cost of rehab hold you back from receiving high-quality care with us.

Here are some of the services that stand out from other facilities in Georgia and across the US.

Equine Therapy for Emotional Healing

One of the main services we offer that allows us to stand out as a drug rehab is the beautiful scenery of our facility. We’re located in the rolling hills of Georgia and have plenty of land to support our equine-assisted therapy program. Our goal is to help you process difficult emotions, learn more about yourself in the process, and create a greater sense of self-confidence.

This sets our facility apart from many rehab centers in the United States. While they may offer other complementary therapies alongside evidence-based treatments, we offer healing in the form of a real connection with a living animal.

If you think that you could benefit from getting out in nature, then our equine-assisted therapy offerings may be worth the investment in our treatment.

Offering a Dual Diagnosis Specialization Track

Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction do so because of an underlying reason. It could be long-term anxiety, acute depression, or unmanaged bipolar disorder. The SAMHSA estimates that one in four adults with a mental health issue also struggle with substance misuse.

Ingrained is equipped not only to help you cope with your substance use but also to dig deep beneath the surface to help you truly heal. With your treatment provider, you will work one-on-one to talk about why you choose drugs and alcohol as a coping skill. You may be surprised at the answers.

From here, we can treat you with the leading therapies for your unique concern including individual therapy, group therapy, and specific evidence-based approaches like EMDR. Our clinicians are trained in several modalities so that you get the support you need.

Trauma-Informed Approaches

Our treatment centers do more than simply cover the basics of your mental health. Our inpatient rehab is a great option for someone seeking treatment centers with trauma-informed care. If you have a history of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, Ingrained is a soft place to land.

We understand the delicate nature of digging into your past and the feelings it can drag to the surface. That is why our trained clinicians approach the topic gently and give you plenty of space to process the complex emotions that arise when entering care.

Why is it so important to get trauma-informed care? Research indicates that there is a poorer prognosis for treatment outcomes with PTSD or a history of trauma. Getting the right type of help initially allows for the best chance at success long term.

Our Gorgeous 50-Acre Campus Setting

Concept image shows horses grazing in a field

The cost of rehab can sometimes be influenced by the amenities onsite. While one rehab facility may keep you cloistered in a hospital-like setting, Ingrained is different. We believe in the power of natural settings to make you feel more at ease. While undergoing substance abuse treatment, it’s clear that your surroundings play a key role.

In one study, researchers found that a group of women in treatment who engaged with nature had an improved mood and lower stress levels compared to their state before the natural intervention.

Ingrained can help with our 50-acre campus nestled in the heart of Georgia’s beautiful surroundings. You can look out the window and see our horses grazing, take in the beautiful landscaping, or even go for a walk around our grounds. Explore the power of nature in your treatment centers with us.

Learn About Our Affordable Treatment Options at Ingrained

At Ingrained, it is our goal to ensure that every one of our clients gets the help they need for drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse is a serious condition that often requires professional help. Here are a few ways that we strive to make your residential treatment more affordable.

Sliding Fee Scales Based on Need and Income

Not everyone can afford a luxury rehab stay at the ticket price you may first encounter, but do not let this deter you or your loved one from getting exceptional care with us! Ingrained takes strides to be as inclusive as possible, even for those who don’t have much to spare. If you need a drug and alcohol rehab center but worry about cost, we offer a sliding fee scale.

We will verify your income and help come up with payment assistance that you feel comfortable with and that will allow you to focus on your treatment. Payment plans are worked out according to what a client can reasonably afford on their existing income.

We don’t want to add undue pressure to you as you start on your recovery journey.

Scholarships for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Scholarships for Addiction Treatment

In addition to our sliding fee, we may also offer scholarships to our clients if they meet certain criteria that may make them an ideal fit for our recovery center. This can take the financial burden off of you, either partially or fully. We aim to make your substance abuse treatment as easy as possible and that starts with affordable treatment options.

If you need drug and alcohol treatment but don’t have the income or insurance to cover your care, ask our enrollment team whether you might qualify for a scholarship from one of our non-profit partners.

Advocating with Your Insurance Provider

Navigating the complex world of health insurance coverage is overwhelming when you’re already making a major move to get help for substance abuse and mental health. The good news is that you aren’t on your own with the insurance company. Allow our billing team to explain your benefits and maximize your access to our resources.

Ingrained will advocate for you with your insurance policy to get the most out of your benefits during your time in treatment.

Get Accredited Treatment at Ingrained

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Start on a Proven Path to Recovery at Ingrained Today

There are no easy answers when it comes to how much an alcohol or drug rehab will cost. However, you don’t have to be alone in the process of figuring it out. Ingrained Recovery works with your insurance provider and your income to develop a treatment plan that suits you and fits your budget.

Let our enrollment team answer your questions and verify your insurance benefits today with a quick and confidential phone call. We can help you kickstart your recovery sooner.


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